The History of Logan Circle Group

Chapter 1: Inception (2015)

The roots of the Logan Circle Group (LCG) trace back to the summer of 2012 when our founder, Harlan Hill, registered the domain name while residing in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that he felt ready to officially launch the firm.

In the spring of 2015, while dividing his time between the bustling streets of New York City and the political hub of Washington, D.C., Harlan found himself on a Northeast regional Amtrak train, contemplating a return to the world of consulting. It was during this pivotal moment that LCG came into existence, initially conceived as a political consulting firm aimed at assisting private companies in navigating a challenging political landscape.

Chapter 2: The Emergence of America First (2016-2019)

LCG’s defining moment arrived in 2017 when it emerged as a pioneer in America First consulting. The firm boldly aligned itself with candidates who proudly supported President Trump during a time when such a stance was considered a substantial gamble. This strategic choice set LCG apart and marked the beginning of its rapid ascent.

Chapter 3: Scaling New Heights (2020 and Beyond)

The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for LCG as it continued to evolve into a fully integrated agency. Combining a dedication to best-in-class storytelling with strategic investments in conservative technology, ad buying capabilities, and media, LCG found itself at the forefront of innovation in the field of conservative politics.

As the firm approaches its 10th-year anniversary, it stands as a testament to the incredible team at LCG that has defied the odds. While the average consulting firm only survives one and a half cycles (3 years), LCG’s enduring success showcases the unwavering commitment and dedication of its team members.

Today, Logan Circle Group stands as a beacon of vision and persistence. From its humble beginnings as a niche consulting firm to its current position as a leading player in conservative politics, LCG has proven that with determination and adaptability, any startup can flourish into a powerful force for our values. With a broad range of services and a strategic focus on emerging technology and media, Logan Circle Group continues to shape the political landscape, leaving an indelible mark on our movement.