Logan Circle Group proudly partnered with American Principles Project PAC to launch a compelling public affairs campaign aimed at safeguarding the welfare of children in Texas amidst concerning trends in pediatric gender transition procedures.



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The initiative sought to address a growing crisis wherein children as young as 3 years old were subjected to exploitative practices by radical left-wing activists, misguided medical practitioners, and pharmaceutical companies, even within Texas. Despite the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services identifying pediatric gender transition procedures as child abuse, Governor Abbott’s failure to prioritize legislation banning such procedures during the legislature’s last special session spurred our urgent action. Governor Abbott’s reluctance to address the issue through legislation during the special session presented a critical challenge to protecting Texas children from irreversible harm.

“A crisis is growing across the country. Children as young as 3 years old are being increasingly exploited for profit by radical left-wing activists, bad doctors, and Big Pharma — even in Texas. After reviewing the matter at the request of Gov. Abbott, Texas’ Department of Family and Protective Services has rightly concluded that pediatric ‘gender transition’ procedures constitute child abuse. However, Gov. Abbott inexplicably chose not to bring up legislation to ban those procedures during the legislature’s last special session.” – Terry Schilling, President, American Principles Project


Through a meticulously crafted series of advertisements, our team directly engaged Texans in a multifaceted cable and digital campaign. Leveraging our extensive reach across major media outlets and targeted digital channels, we urged individuals to voice their concerns to the Governor’s office and advocate for the protection of Texas children.

“Our $1 million grassroots advocacy campaign, fueled by Texans, is calling on Gov. Abbott to protect children from these procedures which cause permanent damage, and in many cases sterilization. Texans know that children should be protected from early sexualization — if children can’t legally consent to sex, then how can they consent to a sex change? No one should be allowed to exploit children for profit, especially when it comes to these types of harmful and radical procedures.” – Terry Schilling, President, American Principles Project


Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas issued an opinion declaring certain medical procedures for transgender minors, including “sex-change” surgeries and prescription of puberty blockers, as “child abuse” under Texas law. This determination was based on the belief that these medical interventions for transgender children constitute abuse as defined in section 261.001 of the Texas Family Code. Paxton’s stance came in response to increasing concerns about the intersection of medicine and ideology. This opinion follows previous inquiries into whether such treatments for gender transitioning should be investigated as child abuse by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), spurred by specific cases and broader public inquires.

For more details, please visit the full article here.

“Since 2019, Logan Circle Group has been instrumental in the American Principles Project’s extraordinary political triumphs across the nation. Their team excels in creating advertisements that are not just original but also profoundly influential, for both digital and television. Our partnership with Logan Circle Group has been crucial in securing significant victories, from ballot boxes to statehouses. We have consistently overcome big money interests on the left with our data-backed media plans and messaging.”

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