At Logan Circle Group, we are proud to have played a pivotal role as the General Consultant for Matt Gaetz’s congressional re-election campaign. Recognizing the importance of a strategic overhaul, our team spearheaded a comprehensive restructuring effort across all facets of the campaign, including staffing, vendor management, external communications, campaign strategy, and event coordination.



General Consulting


The Gaetz campaign faced significant organizational challenges as it approached the 2022 general election, highlighting a pressing need for comprehensive restructuring. A primary concern was the apparent lack of adequate staffing, which is essential for executing the wide array of tasks a political campaign demands, from outreach and communications to logistics and event planning. Furthermore, the campaign’s leadership structure appeared fragmented, leading to inefficiencies and a dilution of strategic focus.


In response to the organizational challenges faced ahead of the 2022 general election, the Gaetz campaign undertook a comprehensive restructuring, marked by significant achievements in staffing and leadership. Initially, our team conducted a robust audit of the campaign vendors and expenditures, a crucial step that allowed us to consolidate resources and streamline operations effectively. Following this, strategic recruitment attracted skilled professionals across various domains, enhancing the campaign’s capacity for outreach, digital marketing, and grassroots mobilization. Leadership roles were consolidated under a unified command, facilitating improved decision-making and a coherent strategic vision. The implementation of project management tools and the establishment of specialized teams across key areas further streamlined campaign efforts. These measures transformed the campaign’s organizational structure, leading to a more efficient, focused, and impactful electoral campaign.


The impact of our collaboration was resoundingly evident in the outcome of the 2022 general election, as Congressman Gaetz secured a landslide victory to represent Florida’s first congressional district. With an impressive 197,349 votes, Gaetz triumphed over his opponent, Rebekha Jones, who garnered only 93,467 votes. Notably, Congressman Gaetz clinched victory in every county of his district by substantial double-digit margins.

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