Combating False Accusations


Logan Circle Group proudly stood alongside Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-1) during a tumultuous period characterized by false and defamatory allegations amid a federal investigation for ‘alleged’ sex trafficking. Despite the relentless scrutiny, these accusations were ultimately debunked and dismissed by the Department of Justice. Our role was instrumental in navigating a biased and hostile media landscape.



Crisis Communications


The Department of Justice’s investigation into Congressman Gaetz’s past relationships triggered a barrage of unfounded claims and sensationalism within the biased media. Our challenge lay in countering this narrative, which misrepresented Congressman Gaetz and undermined his reputation as a prominent conservative voice. The relentless onslaught of false accusations against Congressman Gaetz prompted our unwavering support. In the face of baseless allegations and sensationalized media coverage, our mission was to uphold truth and integrity.


Deploying a comprehensive strategy, we orchestrated a series of events, media engagements, and public statements aimed at exposing the falsehoods propagated by non-credible sources. One notable initiative was the “Women for America First” event, providing Congressman Gaetz with a platform to refute false claims and challenge egregious testimonies. Our adept handling of media inquiries ensured an accurate portrayal of the facts, countering the biased narrative and preserving Congressman Gaetz’s integrity.

“The people that lied about me weren’t trustworthy; I could have told you that at the beginning. The people who have told lies about me have been discredited, defeated, indicted and in jail. Not a really great look for them. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to being sworn in to my next term in Congress.” – Congressman Matt Gaetz


The Department of Justice (DOJ) concluded its investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz without filing any charges against him. The investigation, which began in late 2020 under then-Attorney General Bill Barr, looked into allegations of sex trafficking and obstruction of justice. Gaetz’ attorneys confirmed that the DOJ informed them of the decision to close the investigation and not pursue any charges.