Glenn Youngkin’s 
Historic Victory


Logan Circle Group proudly collaborated with American Principles Project PAC to contribute to the groundbreaking election of Glenn Youngkin as the 74th Governor of Virginia in 2021. Our role as the exclusive Digital Consultant involved orchestrating a comprehensive digital strategy and messaging campaign on behalf of American Principles Project PAC for their Virginia initiatives.



Digital Strategy


Virginia, traditionally a Democratic stronghold, posed a formidable challenge for Republicans, having not secured a statewide contest in over a decade. With Joe Biden’s victory in the state during the 2020 presidential election, unseating the Democratic incumbent governor, Terry McAuliffe, was an uphill battle. In early August, Glenn Youngkin trailed McAuliffe by an average of 7 points according to 538 averages.


Our analysis identified parental rights as a central issue facing Virginians, particularly given recent events and controversies within the Virginia school system. COVID restrictions, including mask mandates and the imposition of critical race theory, raised concerns about parental control over their children’s education. To address these concerns, we directed a targeted digital operation statewide, allocating nearly $1 million towards our efforts. Our campaign ads highlighted poignant stories, such as the tragic narrative from Loudoun County, Virginia, resonating with voters on parental rights issues.


Glenn Youngkin’s victory in a high-turnout election marked a historic achievement, securing 1,658,672 votes compared to McAuliffe’s 1,579,586. With a narrow 2% win margin, Youngkin emerged as the 74th Governor of Virginia. Notably, Youngkin’s success extended to winning over independents by a significant margin, capturing 54% of their votes. According to CNN exit polls, voters who prioritized parental involvement in school decisions overwhelmingly favored Youngkin, with a staggering 76% to 23% margin.

“Since 2019, Logan Circle Group has been instrumental in the American Principles Project’s extraordinary political triumphs across the nation. Their team excels in creating advertisements that are not just original but also profoundly influential, for both digital and television. Our partnership with Logan Circle Group has been crucial in securing significant victories, from ballot boxes to statehouses. We have consistently overcome big money interests on the left with our data-backed media plans and messaging.”

—Terry Schilling, President, American Principles Project