School Board Direct Mail Program


Logan Circle Group is honored to collaborate with 1776 Project PAC in reshaping the landscape of school boards nationwide. Since 2021, we have been actively involved in hundreds of school board races, amplifying the voices of parents in the educational sphere. Our team takes pride in crafting impactful direct mail, digital, and SMS/MMS campaigns, tailored to each district’s unique needs and challenges.



Direct Mail & SMS/MMS


The prevailing challenge was to counteract the dominance of progressive ideologies in school board elections and advocate for parental rights and a more balanced educational environment.


Through meticulous planning and execution, we developed highly targeted direct mail, digital, and SMS campaigns aimed at mobilizing conservative voters and garnering support for our endorsed school board candidates. By identifying likely voters and implementing effective get-out-the-vote efforts, we maximized our impact and contributed to the success of conservative school board candidates nationwide.

“Since 2021, the 1776 Project PAC has helped conservative candidates win more than 200 school board seats in over a dozen states. This success is no small part due to the work of the Logan Circle Group and its staff. From creating direct mail, identifying likely voters, and creating out get out the vote effort, the Logan Circle Group was the best consulting firm at helping launch the most successful conservative school board in the country. My team and the millions of students who have conservative school board members fighting to provide excellent public education without political indoctrination owe them a great debt of gratitude.”

—Ryan Girdusky, Founder, 1776 Project PAC